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2010-07-13 Cool Summer Day 030
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Ah, this week in writing.  I put off working on my query letter rewrites until Thursday.  I just was feeling apprehensive about starting a new synopsis for a new story, even though I had worked on it some.  I was actually surprised to find how far I had gotten in just a couple of hours.  I know, it took me that long because my laptop decided to ‘think’ and not type.    But, while I started feeling good this way, then I got a little lost with a post I read about not querying an agent again, until I’ve waited three months.  Three months!  Hold it!  This is something new, why do I need to wait?  The post said to remind the agent that you did query so that if they do remember you, they won’t have to jog their own memory, but also to wait three months so they forget you. 

That makes no sense.  Either they are supposed to remember you or they’re not.  Which one is it?  So I’m a bit lost in that respect.  I have plans to try and get the letter out in the first week of December.  While other writers are working on the NaNoWriMo, I’m working on my letter.  I figure if they can write 50K words in a month, I can write one little query letter.  I hope.

So, while the letter is far from ready, it’s a start.  I’m feeling better about it.  Especially after reading C.B. Wentworth’s post on “Query Letter Lessons“.  We are all trying our hand at this query letter business.  And it’s not easy, but we are all in it. 

In other news, I wrote two pieces of flash fiction this week.  So that was positive.  And I’m happy about that.  I have other plans for the flash fiction, but I’m not rushing.  I’m also working on trying to finish a few other children’s books (all picture, so not terribly long) along with working on some other fiction that I’m posting on a site just for fun.  So, I’m working on all kinds of things.

The letter is a bit more positive.  So, what a week!  And I haven’t had much time to write. It’s been so  busy, yet I still manage to stay up late and write.  Yes, people, I’ve been up late.  Tapping away, and not getting sleep.  Last night, because of Daylight Savings, I was up way later than I should have been.  Then I was awake early as well.  Oh well, such is life.

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