A “Playful” Inspiration

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This afternoon my sister and I went to see a delightful rendition of Moss Hart and George S. Kaugman’s “You Can’t Take it With You“, executed by my small town’s high school drama class. Last year the drama class put on “Arsenic and Old Lace“. Seeing the delightful acting, and the excellent and witty lines, made me want to dabble in screen writing, or play writing. Seeing the play also gave me a boost to work on writing some more. Maybe the outside source or just the joy in people’s faces as they watched a good piece of acting was what did it, all I know is that the play was a lot of fun, and I’m sorry to say, acted better than other plays put on by adult actors of the town.

I’ve been in a bit of a rut this week when it comes to writing. I have several ideas floating around in my head, a query letter needing to be finished, and several edited things needing editing, or corrections, and yet I still haven’t found the inclination to tackle anything. I’ve just been in a funk, and writing is not doing anything for me. Oh, I’ve managed to dabble in some flash fiction, which has probably kept me sane, somewhat, and just today I tackled a little bit of stuff for blog requirements, but that’s about it.

I miss writing, or I feel guilty when I don’t do much. I’m sure there is burn out, and I should allow myself to just take a break. I’m second guessing myself on whether or not I should try another agent, do I really want to be doing this, and what is the point of writing. I know it will pass. At times I’m on top of the world when it comes to writing, while at other moments, I feel in a funk. I’m sure every writer gets moments like that. Like any life choice, you wonder if you are making the right choice.

I think seeing the character of Penelope Sycamore, from the play, who has been writing plays for 8 years just because a typewriter was delivered to their house by mistake, was somewhat inspiring. I mean, I’ve only been doing this for a little bit of time. I can’t give up now.

Now if only I could finish something…..

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One thought on “A “Playful” Inspiration

  1. Dear Kate,
    When you’re not writing you are experiencing life to add to your stories. Enjoy yourself where you are. Celebrate you today doing whatever you are doing! The writing will come. Believe in yourself. You can do it. Visualize your finished manuscript in your hands.

    Joan Y. Edwards

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