The Downside To Two Editors

Yes, that’s right, two editors. I happen to have two right at the moment.  Of course George is my first and foremost go to guy.  He is the one I shall be asking to edit most of my non-children’s books writing.  However, back this summer I started really working on writing a short story/novella thingy that I’m posting elsewhere.  Someday I might share it, but for now, never mind.  Anyways, I ‘queried’ two volunteer editors and both replied.  George, and the other one I’ll call Mr. T.  He only signs his name as ‘T’ so I have no clue what his real name is. 

Well, of course I rave about George, but Mr. T. has been incredible as well.  He’s got this smart alec complex that really gets me thinking.  He hasn’t allowed me to continue being all romancey writer on myself, trying to get me out of the classic romance novel style.  For instance, my character’s eyes were quite descriptive.  I had fun.  Mr. T. tore it to pieces and told me to cut it out.  It was too romance book style.

I was annoyed.  I was pissed.  But he was right.  Rarely do you notice someone elses eyes.  I mean, I still can’t tell you right off the bat what color one of my boyfriend’s was.  And we were close.  Some sort of blue, but I never paid much attention.  So, eye descriptions went out.

Then, Mr. T. got me to working on describing things a bit more creatively.  I had this scene where this couple was having dinner and they discussed everything, only I didn’t say what they discussed.  Mr. T.’s comment was something along the lines of “Turkish torture chambers, the Jersey Shore, kung fu fighting….”  Okay, he phrased it much more humorously, but you catch my drift.  So suddenly I was open to writing something else.

It’s been really great having two different points of view.


I have to edit and send to one.  Then once I get those edits back, I have to correct and send it to the next one.  And I have to wait.  George is really great about replying quickly, and I love him for that.  (I haven’t been so good at replying with edits for him…. Hey, I’m a writer, I didn’t sign up to edit anyone elses work except my own.)  But Mr. T., well, once it took three weeks to hear back from him.  Hey, I know he’s busy, but well, the waiting.  I hate, underscore, HATE waiting.  So, that is the downside to two editors.

In the future, most of my editing requirements will be sent to George.  I think we have this groove thing going on.  However, there are a few things I’ve done that I might send off to Mr. T. just because I want that sarcastic, get me to think, edits.  We shall see.

How about anyone else?  Have you had more than one person edit your work?

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