The End Is Near

The end of Post A Week 2011 is drawing to a close.  Gads, I seriously cannot believe that I have written at least two posts a week since January.  I didn’t think I would make it at times, especially when I lost inspiration a few times.  However, forcing myself to write so much this year, brought on a host of new ideas.

My mind is constantly looking at pictures, life, things I’ve read, trying to come up with some new storyline.   I’ve fiddled with flash fiction, started numerous picture book stories, and blogged.  I’ve written query letters, sending off one.  I’ve been rejected, and turned down by the same letter.  I’ve started a new letter. 

This has definitely been the year of writing. 

But it’s good.  If I plan on being a writer, I kind of need to write, yes?   I was sad to see that Albert Berg has put his writing or being a writer, on the back burner.  I wish him all the best of luck, and I look forward to his blogging.  I’m sure that at some point in every writer’s life, they wonder if they should continue.  I’m not at that point, though I’ve had doubts.  Though, most of the doubts have been, should I have sent that particular letter to that agent, and should I try again, and should I consider other agents.  But, for now, I’m seriously committed to being a published writer.  Published is the key word.


The Children's section at the Barnes and Noble

I’ve mentioned a few times the funk I’ve been in with writing.  Last week I went to the Big City (it’s only just over 50K people) and got to go to a Barnes and Noble for the first time in, oh, three years.  HEAVEN!  Oh I love Barnes, you wonderful store you.  I made my way directly to the children’s section and spent a wonderful forty-five minutes perusing what’s popular.  My love of Tallulah’s Tutu has waned slightly due to my mother not really enjoying the plot.  I still want the illustrator, but I may not get the book now.  However, Karma Wilson has a new Christmas book that is charming beyond belief.  It showcases the true story of Christmas and I love it.  I want it too.

There were several other cute books, but for the most part, I’m seriously disappointed with most illustrators and most books. It’s so hard to find good, and I mean really good children’s picture books. 

Well, despite that, I was jazzed and pumped up to continue writing and working on my query letter.  I failed my goal of sending it off the first of December.  While everyone else in the writing world was hard at work at NaNoWriMo, I was supposed to be working on that.  Uh, yeah, I did for a day, then sort of lost my juice.

I’m going to get it back as I’ve already done a little work.  Hopefully this month or January.  We shall see.

So, a whole year of writing.  Bring on the next!

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