The Spell of It All

Borrowed from Louise Jaques, who says she doesn't own this picture either

I’m not the world’s greatest speller, (the irony is WordPress just said ‘speller’ is not a word) and my grammar leaves much to be desired. Thank goodness for spell check most of the time.  I can handle it all okay, and I manage to not sound like a total idiot, I hope, but at times I miss things.  Hence an editor.  George, bless his heart, found a mistake in my post at Kate’s Bookshelf, on Santa Baby Disney Style.

It was only one little word, but it’s crucial.  ‘Bear’ versus ‘bare’ can mean a host of different things.  Apparently I need my editor for blog posts as well.  I’m pretty good when it comes to the homonyms: words that sound the same but look different, and mean completely different things.  ‘Bear’ and ‘bare’ are two of my toughy ones.  I never, and I mean ever get them right.

It’s probably just some block in my brain.  But it does apply to grammar.  See, I did it right there.  You should never use ‘but’, ‘and’, or any of those connector words as the start of a sentence.  I use them liberally throughout blog posts.  I feel like I’m talking in them.  However, (and there it is correct) when I write fiction, I try desperately to not use them.

My grammar is that of some foreigner.  I put verbs in odd spots, mix up prepositions, end sentences in prepositions…..  Say phrases like, “the cushions of the sofa”, instead of ‘sofa cushions’.  Understanding French was somewhat a breeze.  I naturally flip things around.  I need help with grammar, and I always have.

I burst out laughing last night when I was reading Louise Jaques’ post on the Semicolon Parties.  Now, I don’t always notice bad grammar when I am out in public, but I do know I should use correct grammar.  I’m just not always the best.  My mother disparages of me ever getting it properly.  I disparage of ever sounding American….

Cover of "Eats, Shoots and Leaves: The Ze...

Cover via Amazon

I think it might behoove me to check out Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss, like Louise recommends.  I might actually learn some of this stuff, now that I actually want to.  Fortunately, my library does have that book, in one of the branches, and if I’m lucky, mine.

So, thank you to George, who spotted the mistake.  Isn’t he a dear?  Or is it a deer?  (I do actually know which one is correct.)

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