Of Love Letters And Flash Fiction

Cover of "Bright Star"

Cover of Bright Star

I shan’t write much here as I’m not horribly inspired, and I just finished writing my 100th post.  I sort of did it backwards writing that first before this one, but well, one has to have a little bit of fun when they are inspired to write their 100th post instead of their 99th. 

I’m in an Emilie Loring frame of writing right now and I’m working on flash fiction with a Loring twist.  It’s Christmas inspired, and I hope to post it over on Kate’s Bookshelf just after the holiday.  I know it will be a bit late in coming right with Christmas, but it will be close enough. 

I started reading one of Emilie Loring’s later novels that her sons published, and you can tell Ms. Loring didn’t do much of the writing.  The style isn’t hers at all, really, and I wonder how I never noticed before.  I think if you are going to attempt to publish books with an author’s name, and then not have it like how that author would do it, you really should go back and read their work first.  It’s as clear  as day that this book is nothing like Ms. Loring’s original works.  Oh well, I’m still inspired and I hope that my bit of flash fiction meets with my criteria.

I’m also inspired to read the letters between John Keats and Fanny Brawne.  I’ve been watching Bright Star and the romance between those two with those letters is heartwrenchingly beautiful.  They make you want to cry and wish for a romance of letters.  I’d love to have a man court me like that.  And while I’ve been courted through letters, which were emails really, nothing is quite like one of Mr. Keats’ letters.

So, there is my 99th post.  Should do fine, and the final post of 2011 shall be posted next week, on the 31st of course.

So until then, have a safe and joyous Christmas.

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