A Year In Review Of Escaping The Inkwell

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I thought I would take the time to review the year and the progress I’ve made, as the final post of 2011, and also of my Post A Week 2011.  So here is a review of Escaping the Inkwell which started one year ago. 

First off, I must say, SHEESH!  I never thought I would post this much this year, nor be quite so satisfied with the results.  One hundred posts is pretty amazing since I started out expecting to only do around 52.  I’ve managed to post more than I thought I would, just on this blog.  I posted nearly that much over on Kate’s Bookshelf as well.  I’m quite pleased with the results.

So as the old year rings out, one of my goals was completed.  To blog as much as I was possibly able to.  And to maintain my goal.  I might have fudged a bit towards the end, and not keep it to exactly one post every week.  As in, I post on Monday, I must post by or on next Monday.  Yeah, I realized I was being a little picky there.  But it made it so I actually posted instead of just thinking about posting.

I started off 2011 hoping to get my query letter off in January.  Well, January flew right out the window, along with February, March, April, May, June, July, and August.  Fortunately I got my butt in gear and got my letter sent off in late September.  By October my first rejection letter had come to me.  I have yet to find a frame for it.  Yes, oh yes, this letter is going to be framed and hung on the wall.  As a reminder that at some point I shall be accepted.

It was hard to read that rejection letter.  I will admit I cried a bit, (yes, I’m a girl, do not say a thing), but I set forth to succeed.  I’ve not managed my December 1st deadline of sending off the new letter…..  Somehow I failed my goal of while everyone else was NaNoWriMo-ing, I’d be QUERY-ing.  I’m planning for this coming January.

While  the query letter was being formed all year, I spent the rest of the time working on various stories, from half started children’s picture books, to finishing one for certain.  While it’s not in my category of favorites, I do love it and hope that someday I will be able to publish it as well.

I’ve worked on Oscar storylines, adding a new character of Geraldine.  Who are Oscar and Geraldine, you ask?  Well, Oscar was my second attempt at a children’s book and it is the one I am now querying.  Oscar is  a dachshund who has adventures with his owner, or on his own.  As I happen to own a dachshund, as well as my parents, I have plenty of inspiration.  Geraldine is the newest doxie, and I have added her just because, well my own dogs are the inspiration.  For those of you interested, my baby(he is 8 going on 9) is named Rugburn, and he’s all mine, as the lump on the bed beside me proves it.  My parents have Heidi, a doxie who came into our lives only one year ago, and since has sort of taken over the household.  She’s in love with Rugburn, no we won’t have any puppies as both are fixed, but wow, we know who rules this house. 

Along with writing children’s books, I’ve worked on adult things as well, and in the process met my lovely editor, George.  Whom, if you’ve read my blog lately, I rave about.  I can see why authors always go on and on about their editors.  I so get it.  I can see how you could totally fall in love with your editor.  They make your work brilliant. They see things you don’t possibly get, and oh, to see something spelled and punctuated correctly.  It is SO Tinsel! (for those of you wondering, Tinsel is my new catch phrase. I was inspired by Lanny from Disney’s Prep and Landing) (I’m also quite inspired by ‘frostbite’ as my new swear word.  From the same thing)

Well, I may continue to rave about George.  I don’t know what I would do without him.

Lastly, I’ve sort of plunged into the world of flash fiction.  While I don’t post it all that often, I do have my notebook filled with tons of paragraphs that are the starts of flash fiction.  Some I hope to finish and post, and others are just ideas for random bits of things I see.  I’ll be walking and see something I like and just have to write about it for the heck of it.  Whether to practice, or just to remember the scene to use later on.  Thank goodness I write most of it in notebooks, otherwise I would lose it, as it has no specific spot in my binder that is full to the brim with written things.

I still dabble in poetry, and right now I’m very inspired by Keats’ works, as I am watching Bright Star.  He is a brilliant poet.  (okay, was, as he is dead)  I’ve yet to read much of his, but every bit of it is quite beautiful.  And to think I used to make fun of his odes.  Never again.  Such a shame he died young.  I wonder what this world would have been like had he lived to a normal old age?  Well, poetry is not at the top of my writing world, but it’s definitely a part.

So, wow, what a year.  I’ve written so much this year and it feels good. Now if only I could get better at managing my time so that I don’t feel rushed to accomplish all my writing in one day.  I plan to continue this Post a Week thing, even if WordPress doesn’t sponsor an event like it this year.  I think it is good for me.  And I hope my loyal readers will prompt me to continue in that strain if they see me fall off the writing wagon.  I am hopeful  WordPress will have some prompts like this again though, because it’s been fun.

Writing on into 2012


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