Writer’s Blues

The Blues of a Writer

Maybe it’s the new year, or maybe it’s that proverbial moment a writer feels like they will never make it, but I’m fighting the writer’s blues.  Ooh, I like that.  Can I coin that phrase?  Or has someone else already done that?  Okay Bing, do your work….  Nope, there doesn’t seem to be an actual definition for ‘Writer’s Blues’.  I’m taking it for my own.

I’ve started looking up a new agent or two, because I’m feeling that  sticking with just one, is slightly foolish.  I’m also feeling like my work is just not up to par  for sending out.  Which is crazy, because I’ve read some of the books published out there, and I am not impressed by a lot of them.  I know that is terrible to say in this world of publishing. 

So, now I’m working on a couple other agents I had my eye on a year or so ago before I ‘fell in love with’ another agent.  Which means more research.  More and more research.  I actually don’t mind the research, it’s the letter writing and unknown I don’t like.  The wondering if I really have anything worth publishing.

The writer’s blues.

And while I’m bemoaning all of that, I’ve been busy writing haiku over on Kate’s Bookshelf.  I’m tackling WordPress’ 365, by writing a haiku a day.  I’m not sure why I’m tackling this, but since I received a set of Haikubes for a Christmas present, I’m kind of hooked on them. Along with that I’m trying to write more flash fiction, which I am also posting on Kate’s Bookshelf.

So, I guess I am busy.  Now if I just felt like I was getting somewhere.

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