So Is the Next Four Months?

I sat down with Walter and Mrs. Day the other day at the kitchen table, asking for advice.  I feel this insane rushed pressure to get a query letter out NOW.  I feel like I’m just puttering around not getting anywhere.

Well, fortunately these two have the voice of reason, and the next half hour discussion really helped me tone my mental thoughts down. 

See, I have another agent in my arsenal that I have hopes of querying.  However, I haven’t been able to do a ton of research on him, and I would like to.  Problem is, most of the authors he has represented, do not seem to have books in my library system.  (Turns out I was wrong and found at least one of the authors he represents)  I feel like I should read some of the things he’s represented so I know what his style is.  Then I know whether or not I should go with him or not. 

 I am not a believer in just submitting query letters to random agents.  You are going to be working closely with this person, and good chance they will be with you through your writing career.  Besides, I want someone who wants to work with me like that. I want someone who will also help me with my manuscripts.  This agent sounds like someone who would like that.

So, for the next few months, while I will continue the heart-clenching-boy-I-hate-this-letter query letter, I will also work on researching this other agent.  You all might find it interesting that both agents I like, are named ‘Stephen’.  And yes, that spelling.  It’s sort of weird. 

Well, I’m still sort of panicking.  I am good at the panicking.  However, I am less stressed.   Now if I could lose the self-doubt that my books are just mediocre.  I wish I had more faith in my children’s books like I do with my flash fiction.  Oh well.

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