Eating, Sleeping, and Fresh Air

There is something I believe that is important for writers.  (and for those of you out there saying impor-DANT, there is a ‘T’ in there, not a ‘D’, and quit emphasizing it the wrong way. I don’t care what the news media and half the people on TV are saying.  Say it correctly, please)  Okay, pardon that rant. It’s been driving me nuts for a while now.

Eating a well balanced meal is crucial for brain function

Now where was I?  Oh yes.  A writer actually needs three things that are quite important for the health of the writer.  Correct eating, sleeping, and fresh air.   A writer needs to make sure they eat healthy so that their brain functions properly.  Personally, they should drink plenty of water as well, because, well, we all know we are made up of mostly water.

Sleep.  Now that is something I have become really terrible at.  I have not been getting enough sleep.  Staying up till past 2 in the morning is not a healthy way to live.  I’m not partying, but just being up that late is not good. I can’t possibly get enough sleep doing that.  Because I have been bad about that, I have been paying for it with being exhausted in the day and not being all with it.  It does not help if you need to focus on writing and you get tired looking at the screen. 

And lastly.  Fresh air.  Now, I actually meant exercise, but as I’m not too great in that department, even twenty minutes of sitting in the sun and getting Vitamin D, is important.  A nice walk would be good too, and I have been working on that.  Yoga?  Well, that’s a nice low impact exercise that can limber you up to sitting in a chair and writing. 

Breath deeply and get some fresh air.

Open up the chest, stretch the arms.  Loosen up the back.  Come on, you are going to be sitting in a chair, probably with bad posture, because who of us sits up straight when we are writing. Oh, you do?  Well good for you.  I don’t.  I slouch, which is really bad.  Heck, I don’t even write in a chair half the time.  Right now I’m sitting on a stool, in my room which subs as a place to put my laptop at night.  Sort of a mini table.  Because Why would I write at a desk with a chair?   

But get out and get some fresh air.  Breath deeply.  Stretch a little.  While your at it, eat an apple, or some fresh fruit of some sort.  Drink a glass of water.  Water is good for you. Oh, and if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before…. Take a nap.  It might do you good. 

Because, who wants to be one of those sallow writers with deep-set eyes?  They were not healthy.  I want to be healthy and have pink skin, and no baggy eyes. 

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