While Other’s May Hesitate To Post On This, I Don’t

Two days ago Ms. Anderson, of Isabella Louise Anderson, posted about a male writer who dumped on romance books.  You can read her post here.  The Post I Hesitated On…But Had To Post!

Ms. Anderson’s post relates to a ‘writer’ who claims that

“Romance novels are inexplicably among the best-selling of all genres. The fact that we have nearly a 50% illiteracy rate in this country might be partly to blame. Many people don’t have the reading skills to rise much higher than children’s books or romance novels. Because romance novels do sell so abundantly in our day, I’ve noticed more and more articles about, and interviews with, romance writers where they are as often as not put on a pedestal—as though they somehow belong in the same class as authors of much higher standing.

What the modern reader needs to understand is that romance novels by their very nature are meant to be inferior.

Now, his post, you can read HERE, though like Ms. Anderson, (May I call her Isabella?) I am hesitant to even link to him, due to his lack of , well, brains.  (Trust me, after you read his heading, there is no way you could say this man has any…)  (and yes, I am dissing the man)

Read his post first, then go on to a rebuttal by Romantic Fiction News, HERE.

I was bouncing in my seat after reading this “author’s” opinion on romance fiction.  In defence of romance writers, what the heck is science fiction and fantasy?  Does anyone ever think that any of that will ever be classified as great fiction? 

Now, science fiction writers, I am not dissing you, I’m just stating that like romance fiction, it really won’t be classified as super great fiction, unless you are talking classics like Isaac Asimov.  But even him, I don’t really get.  Sure, I enjoy science fiction and fantasy, but really, how is it any different.

I don’t know if I’m getting my point across properly.  This author claims that romance fiction is why there is such a great illiteracy in this world.  Excuse me?  Now while some romance fiction is pretty bad, much of it has been researched up the wazoo.  The writers do not just spit out random words. 

The writer also claims that Jane Eyre might be classified as classic romance fiction. At the time these books were published, these style of books were considered more romance novels.  Same as Jane Austen.  However, those books are held in some of the highest regard.  They are classics now.  Who is this man to say that the books of now will not be considered classics?

I find that highly insulting.  As a romance fiction writer myself, and one who enjoys a good story. I’m sorry, but Mr. McCaskey, as the writer calls himself, is in search of his own worth, clearly. 

Okay, so this is more of a rant than anything.  Please read all three posts.  What is your opinion?  Tell me what you think.

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3 thoughts on “While Other’s May Hesitate To Post On This, I Don’t

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  2. I think the problem with all genre fiction is that for a huge amount of time, because it was looked upon as such “trash” literature, it was seen as something nutrition-less and addictive, like the fast food of fiction. Which means that publishers rushed to pump the market full of it and get quick sales.

    The REAL problem with that idea, however, it that it’s become so out of control that while there are still AMAZING and incredibly well written and profound romance/sci-fi/fantasy/horror/etc novels out there… there are also HUNDREDS more that are so very poorly written.

    Take Stephen King as an example, or Danielle Steele. Both authors are like factories, churning out book after book after book… to the point that we wonder if they actually write their own, or just stamp their names on the cover page.

    Will anyone ever call them great writers of our time? No. Because what they write isn’t that great. But there’s SO MUCH of it. And that’s just it. If you spend two days creating an idea for a story, and a week writing it, and send it off to be published the next, then what are you putting into that story that I can’t get from simply walking to the corner market and gossiping with the clerk?

    Nothing makes me more crazy than walking by the romance section of a Barnes and Nobles and seeing the cookie cutter books. The ones that might as well be titled, “You Can Change Him!”, “How Darlene Used a Baby To Force Her Husband To Stop Cheating”, “Don’t Settle for a Normal Guy, Wait For a Rich One!”, “Stella Has Weirdly and Unfairly High Expectations For Men, But Still Met One Who Met Them All”, and “You’re Not Womanly Enough, He’s Not Manly Enough, And These Novels are Just as Harming to Society as ‘Girls Gone Wild!'” There’s just so many of them…

    You know the saying: quality over quantity. It’s hard to remember the Ray Bradburys or the Bronte sisters when we are positively drowning in authors who are more into writing to get a paycheck, than to make the written world a more wondrous place.

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