Going in a New Direction

Wait a minute!  Isn’t “New Directions” the name of Glee’s glee cast?  Okay, I actually don’t know since I have only watched a couple episodes of the show.  Moving on.


Which way do I go?

I am going in a new direction with some of my writing.  Okay, it’s not really a new direction, but I’m stepping back from the two picture books that I have been working and working on.  I feel like I have invested so much time and effort into them that I am bogged down with all that I need to do.  One story needs some refinement, and another, my first picture book written, is just weighing me down.  Never mind the fact that a publishing company (albeit one I had to pay for) wanted to publish it and liked it.  I just have invested so much time into it I need a break.

"Some go this way, and some go that way. But I prefer the shortcut"

I wish things were easier and I could take the Cheshire Cat’s ‘Shortcut’ to the land of published author.  However, since that is impossible….

So, as of a couple of days ago, I am focusing on a story I wrote this last August after going shopping for a hat.    I  felt for a while that it was just ‘cute’ and not that great, but thinking about it again, it wasn’t so bad.  I am not fully stoked on it, but enough that I can view it with a slightly more judgemental eye.  The past couple days I’ve gone over it, and that old writer’s adage of putting it aside for a few months, is brilliant.  I was able to go back over it and find areas that need to be reworked and changed around.  Wording that I couldn’t see at the time.  Now I feel much better about it. 
I also have to trim it down some. I haven’t even fully typed it up and I’m at 1000 words.  Picture books need to be a bit less than that.  I hate the trimming part the most because I never feel I know what needs to come out and what needs to stay, but then, rarely will the story stay exactly as it is when it get edited.  So, I don’t have to super stress about it.

Finally, I feel confident enough to send this off to two agents I have had my eye on.   Both of them have represented authors with whom I love their work.  I actually feel I should write a review on these books.  (for those interested, I don’t write very good reviews)  So I may or may not write a review. 

Well, all I can say is that I’m not so stressed this week.  Ask me next, I might have a different answer for you.
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