Bogged Down With Ideas


Maybe it’s because I get highly distracted, or maybe it’s because I have a wide interest in many things, but I find myself seeing something and feeling the need to write about it.

Western wear from Marrika Nakk

Take for instance last week when I brought home a stack of Cowboys & Indians. (for those interested, the magazine is more than three-quarters ads.)  Well, I found some very fun pictures of western dress and it made me want to write a western!  A western!  Why?  I don’t know.  So now I’m trying to figure out if I can incorporate the clothing in one of my already started novels. 





The anatomy lesson

The anatomy lesson (Photo credit: Luciana Christante)

Next I read about ‘resurrection men’, in the Gray’s Anatomy.  Resurrection men were men, obviously, from the early 19th century who were in a sense grave robbers.  They dug up newly buried bodies to be used for anatomy dissection.  See, at that time, there was a great need to know how the body worked, and well, a dead body was buried and of no great use in the ground.  Read this article on the subject, here.  So now I want to write a mystery of sorts that deals with that.  It’s a bit more gruesome than what I would normally think about, but it sounds fascinating.  Doesn’t it?

I am also obsessed with Persephone Books, which I wrote about on Kate’s Bookshelf last week.  You can read it here.  Well, Persephone Books inspired me to finally figure out what sort of publishing company one of my Characters has.  Rafe Simon is a book publisher, but now I know he will have a small imprint like Persephone Books, only the male equivalent.

Richard Castle

I swear I am like Richard Castle who is forever coming up with ideas while he is out on a case with Beckett!

And my last idea is from last week’s White Collar, “Stealing Home”, where Neal Caffrey plays a game of pool.  Pool is one of those quintessential sexy man’s game.  Watching how they filmed the game, the music used, the coolness of it, you just wanted to be on the arm of one of the guys.  Super sexy and cool.  Now, how to add that to a book. 

White Collar (TV series)

Image via Wikipedia

See?  I have too many things floating around in my head.  This isn’t even touching on the subject of a few children’s book ideas I have.  I haven’t even tackled half of those.   I fear I am doomed. I don’t have enough time in the day to write about all of these things!

Does anyone else have these problems?  In the scope of things, it’s not a huge problem, but for a writer, it sort of is.


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One thought on “Bogged Down With Ideas

  1. There’s never going to be an end of ideas, and that’s not a bad thing, but a lack of focus can be. Find a project you really want to finish and stick with it. If the other ideas that are bouncing around in your head are worth their salt they’ll stick around long enough for you to finish what you’re working on. If they’re not, then they’ll fade away and you’ll be spared the annoyance of writing something that “seemed like a good idea at the time.” That’s been my experience anyway.
    And for what it’s worth, I’d totally read a story about the Resurrectionists. Cool name, cool topic.

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