Of Guardian Angels and Squirrels

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I know, what a topic of discussion.  Let me clarify.  The guardian angels deals with a new idea I had for a picture book.  A little girl who has a host of angels guarding her because she is such a klutz.  I relate to this.  I am the girl that has fallen down stairs since before I could walk.  I still fall down them if I’m not careful.  I was thrown from a horse at 7, or was it 5?  And at the ripe old age of 2, I fell out of the second story window at my grandparents cabin. Onto gravel. Holding the screen of the window.  Yeah, I’m lucky I can move.  I joked with my family the other day that I don’t have just one angel guarding me, I must have a host of them.  Otherwise they would probably get quite tired with as accident prone as I am. 

I thought it would make for an interesting story.  I’m working out the points, but I’m a little lost as to how I want it to go.  George seems to think the idea has merit.  I trust his opinion.

The squirrel comment refers to me keeping focused.  You know that scene in Pixar’s Up where Doug the Dog get’s distracted by squirrels?  Um, that’s me.  Albert Berg gave some lovely advice about having all kinds of ideas, but staying focused.  If an idea is meant to be, it will stick in your brain.  He’s right.  I’ve had many ideas I’ve written down only to find out months later, I have no clue what the idea was originally.  Obviously it wasn’t meant to be.  Others have stayed around for years, and I’m still playing around with them.

I’ve always had trouble being focused.  My mother went nuts teaching me in school.  I was forever getting distracted.  Still do.  I try to focus on what’s important these days, but if I daydream a bit, well, that’s life.

I do think it healthy to focus when I write.  So I’m taking the month of March to work on 1. Guardian Angel story, 2. Finish editing my hat story, and 3. work on query letters.   I probably need to stop saying I’m working on the letters.  Ha, that is a never-ending process.

On a side note though, I am entering a short story contest that my valley/libraries is holding.  “It was a dark and stormy night….” is the premise.  I have the story of only three pages!, that was the maximum they allowed, written and ready to be printed.  Thanks to George, as always, it is edited and has a much stronger ending than it did two days ago.  What would I do without you, George?

And there is my week.  I can’t say it’s horribly exciting, but hey, I live in the country.  Such is life.  (excluding cinnamon roll attacks from foxes, and howling coyotes…)

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