I’m Thinking About It

Last March I wrote about Real Writing Vs. Blogging.  Maybe it’s this time of year, or maybe it’s a natural progression, but there are times I spend more time telling myself to go write or thinking about what I want to write, than actually writing itself.  Right now is that time.  I just posted the other day about what I am attempting to work on, but since then, I have not worked on anything.
I’ve thought about what I want to write here.  Or over on my other blog, Kate’s Bookshelf (shameless self promotion there, people).  I have not worked on editing anything. I have not started writing my guardian angel story, I have not worked on a query letter.  I haven’t even written in my journal, come to think of it.
So, as I’m not really in the mood to write much more…. irony there right?  I have a question for my readers.
Do you spend more time thinking about what you want to write vs. what you actually write?
I would love to know.  So drop me a quick line.
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2 thoughts on “I’m Thinking About It

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  2. I force myself to write every day. Even if it’s writing I end up trashing. Starting a blog with the decision to post something (even just a few sentences) every day has been a big help. Between that and my freelancing, I just have to do it. I think once I just start, the ideas flow.
    But I was complaining to my husband that I’m falling behind on my reading goals. He replied, “You know if you spent less time talking about what you were reading, you’d have more time to read.” He has a point.

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