Of Short Stories and Editing

Well, as far as writing this week, it’s been pretty non existent.  I have dabbled in  a few ideas but they are just random snippets for things I have been working on for years.

The Peach Keeper

Sarah Addison Allen's novels. I love Garden Spells and The Peach Keeper best.

I was quite inspired though, this week after listening to Sarah Addison Allen’s The Peach Keeper.  I have read every one of her books, and one of the things I enjoy most about her style is the magic she throws in. Not so much that you think, Oh jeez, this is a Sci Fi book, but you look at it and go, I want my life like that.  I think every girl would like a bit of magic in her life.  That is why the fairytale is so popular.  Well, Ms. Allen manages to have the fairytale and a pretty interesting story to boot.

So, her style prompted me to try writing another way. Not so much that I’m adding in magic, but her style in general.  I think I tend to write in too much of an omniscient writer.  Ms. Allen draws you into the thoughts of the characters.  Something I am terrible at doing.  I am terrible about writing what a character is thinking.  I need serious practice.

Hence why they say a writer needs to read, read, read, and read some more if they are going to be a writer.  Had I not listened to this book, I might not have learned a little bit of a different style, that I happen to like.

As per short stories, I finally entered a local writing contest. It was a short story contest for the generalized theme, “It was a dark and stormy night….”.  I had something I had been working on for over a year that happened to start out the same way.  I reworked some of it, changed the ending, and finally submitted it a week ago to my local library who is hosting the contest. I have no hopes of winning, but if I did, it would be nice ‘street cred’ for my writing career.  Just an added bonus.

I finished editing my picture book.  Yay. I’m glad I finally finished that.  As an added bonus, I have a synopsis for it that I’m happy about.  Let me tell you, I really feel for people that write a novel and have to condense that whole thing down into a page or so.  My eleven hundred word picture book took ages to come up with a synopsis.  I think that might be the hardest part of a query letter.

Other than that, my week has been quiet. Those interested can read my short story, “The Making of a Private Eye“, over on Kate’s Bookshelf.  I also hope to maybe have a review of The Peach Keeper (practice writing reviews) as soon as I finish it.  I’m quite hooked.

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