My Writing Space

I decided that I needed to post a picture of my writing space after Mrs. Austen asked me if I was still trying to write at my desk.  I was also inspired by Marvin Allan Williams’ post on his writing space.

So there it is. My great-grandfather’s desk.  He used to pay the bills sitting at it, according to my father. I remember when it used to have a fireman on a pole that would bobble down when you raised the fireman to the top of the pole. I still have that toy. There are little things I remember about the desk.

For years I’ve sort have used it as a catch-all. Not quite what it was intended for. It’s only been recently that I’ve started using it for writing and I’ve become quite attached.  It’s still too cluttered by half across the top, but I have a lot of things I like displayed. Things that sometimes inspire, like the picture of the bathing cowgirl beauty. (it’s off to the left behind the perfumes.)  Today I added a bouquet of wild violets and super velvety purple pansies.  (blue vase) In a Martha Stewart, I read how you could use a flower frog to hold your fountain pens.  Well, this house came with an antique lime green flower frog, and that is now being used for my two pens. (Center top)

Now that I have started writing here, I can’t really bring myself to write in other places like I used to.  Oh sure, I write in bed still, sometimes, but I try to reserve writing for here.  It seems that the time I have for writing has become mid evening. Sometime after 6pm, and if I’m lucky, I get two hours.  Now, if I was making dinner, I couldn’t do that, but right now it works.

Hope you all enjoy.  And do you have a spot you’ve carved out for your own?  I never realized how nice it was, even though I wanted it. I find it is almost crucial.  If anything, just so you use it for writing. It makes it like a little ‘dig’ to get your butt in gear.

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14 thoughts on “My Writing Space

  1. Very cool. I love writing spaces that have history, especially when it’s personal and is a piece that belonged to someone you remember fondly. My desk is my great grandmother’s old dressing table, minus the mirror and I love it.

    Enjoy decorating your new writing space! 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    • I love the history of things too! Oh, I bet your great grandmother’s dressing table is lovely! I know that at some point the desk won’t be mine for a while, my parents are going to will it to me, but for now I use it while I can. I never appreciated the rightful purpose of it until I started using it as an actual desk.

      The decorating isn’t quite the problem. It’s more of the undecorating as I have too much decorating the top! 🙂

      • I know what you mean about finding the right purpose for a piece like a table or desk. I never thought to use the dressing table for writing on until my dad mentioned it, but it’s perfect!

        All the best with decluttering your new space! 🙂

  2. I write wherever my laptop will fit. I guess some people need the romance of a desk. I seem to remember seeing a picture of Hemingway sitting at a small typing desk on the beach.

    • I don’t need the romance of a desk, though it is quite that now, however news is constantly on in the living room, and I can’t concentrate on writing at all when that’s on. Sometimes I’ll sit at the kitchen table and type. It depends. Personally I like traveling around with my laptop, it’s just not functional for writing. I have a hard enough time staying concentrated, so I have to make the desk my no distractions zone. So far it’s working. 🙂

      • Distractions I understand. I have four small children. Good luck with your book! The most important thing is that we write every day, even if what we write is garbage or the best thing we have ever put to paper.

      • Oh, four small children could be distracting. Thank you for the wishes. That is some excellent advice. Many times I put of writing because I feel I should be working on something in my queue of ‘need to be done’, and if I don’t, I shouldn’t spend time just writing. But sometimes we just need to write.

  3. Thank you.

    I’m loving the flowers. I agree with Roger. Wherever the laptop will fit and preferably in view of the little one.

    • The flowers are quite wonderful. Scent up the whole space with that lovely orangey-violet smell. Since the house is small, with only a few open spaces to actually type, the spot in my room where the desk is works the best. I used to take my laptop all over, but when news is on, I get easily distracted. No news on in my room.

  4. I simply love that writing desk! My desk is also an old antique desk used by my grandparents, but it’s a secretary desk with areas for old envelopes and for sorting papers. I will admit though I’ve turned some of the shelves into an area for a mini-bar, but everybody has their own style.

    If one day I become a millionare I think I’m just going to fill every room in the house with antique desks. I will admit when touring Historic places I’m more interested in the desks, writing utensils, printing presses, and such than I am the actual history. I think it was when I toured the Old Manse in Concord, Mass I was contemplating how much trouble I could get in if I stole the one desk used by Hawethorne… seeing it’s a federal park, i didn’t think it would be worth the jail time.

    Well, that’s enough of my rambling.

    Thanks for the picture!

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