What’s In A Name

For a long while I’ve wondered how to keep my children’s books separate from my romance fiction that I write.  I want to be able to have two genres, but keep them totally separate from each other so that I’m not confused.  For some reason I had no clue how to do that, until the other day it dawned on me.  Have a pen name or a pseudonym.  Yes, I know they are the same thing.

I’ve known about pen names for years.  Writers Jayne Ann Krentz, Sabrina Jeffries (which is actually the pen name for Deborah Gonzales), Sandra Brown, and many other romance writers have used pen names for years, some to specifically separate their work.  Jayne Ann Krentz being the one that comes to mind with her Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle pseudonyms. (and for those who are interested, I love the stories under her Amanda Quick name)

The pen names are a great way to be separate completely from your different works.  If I write children’s books, but don’t want to be known just for that, I can use a different name for romance. Supposing I actually ever finish something in the romance genre, which at this moment is a lost cause.

But now the trouble is, what should I make my pen name?  I would most likely use a pen name for my romance work, but I have no clue what it should be.  So that is something I’m going to have to think about.  Not hard thinking as it’s more of an out there kind of thing.

I’m kind of inspired by C.B. Wentworth who created her name by using her first and middle name initials, then combining it with a last name she picked out of a baby name book which just so happened to coincide with one of her favorite characters from a Jane Austen, Captain Wentworth. You can read the post HERE.

Creative, and something I might try.  Just too bad that one of my favorite names…. is….. drumroll…… Darcy.  I think there are already a few ‘Darcys’ out there.

Oh well, I shall have to seriously consider it.  For a while, and this was a while ago as well, I had considered using the name Julia Jane Swenson, since that was my made up name as a child.  Yes, I was a bit precocious and I hated my real name at the time. I used to think Julia was way more elegant sounding.  Ah, childhood.

Well, at least I have a plan, sort of, to have a pseudonym at some point.

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