Sharing My Emotional Poetry

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I don’t like to share my poetry very often, feeling that it’s not good enough, it’s not really poetry, and lastly, I feel like I’m exposing a part of myself I’m not sure I can explain.  Poetry is very personal.  Okay, writing in general is very personal.  Everything I am and what I think is going into what I write.  Poetry just tends to be more emotional.  I’m not sure why reading a poem on a sunset is more magical than an essay or short piece of fiction, but it is.

Recently I was reading Foolsgold by Susan G. Wooldridge and in a chapter titled ‘Write Crazy Love Poems’, Susan talks about the same thing.  For years she didn’t show people her poems.  She wondered that if hiding her feelings and thoughts, her marriage might have changed.  Maybe yes, maybe no, but exposing a part of yourself that is this living thing in you, well, it’s hard.

Poetry can encompass a world of feelings in just a few lines, a word, etc.  While most free form poetry is open to interpretation because none of us know what the writer is feeling at the time, there is some you know instantly what the emotions are.

Recently I wrote a poem, free form, about a daydream that I was thinking about the other day when I was dusty and dirty after spending the day mowing and weed eating the yard. I was tired and coming off of weird week of turning 30 and receiving a proposition from someone I care for deeply. I wasn’t sure of myself, but I wrote it up anyhow and posted it.  It’s far from perfect, but I let myself not worry about that. Poetry doesn’t always have to make sense, unlike what Mrs. Day says, it doesn’t always have to rhyme.  While I prefer reading rhyming poetry, there are some free form ones that hit you hard in the chest, taking your breath away.

I doubt this piece, titled Was It Heaven Or Hell, will change anyone’s world, but it was important to me. I needed to express something, I needed to share it with the person it was about, and I needed to break out of not wanting to really post poetry.  I have accomplished all of those things and I feel like it might be a door to a new frame of thought. 

Hopefully in the coming months, because this is the time of year I always want to write poetry and read Poemcrazy, I will be able to post more that I’ve written.

What about you?  Do you have trouble sharing poetry with others?  Even people you don’t know, like on a blog?

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