A Bevy Of Letters

Usps mail box

Usps mail box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well readers, sorry for the long delay in any new posts.  My health has been on a decline for the month so I’ve been out of writing commission.  However, I am going to attempt to get back into the swing of things. 

So the topic for today?  Ta da! Query letters, again.  Yeah, I know, I know, I talk about them quite a lot.  You could say I’m slightly obsessed.

Well, recently, Walter gave me some great advice that I find behooves me to listen.  His suggestion after watching the movie The Help, and hearing that Kathryn Stockett had to submit to 60 agents before her book got picked up, was to quit stressing about one or two agents and just start submitting to anyone interested in children’s picture books.

Now, for those of you who have read any books or posts on trying to get an agent, well that is pretty much the advice. Tailor your letter to the agent, and then just start sending out letters.  Granted, make sure you submit only to agents who would be interested in what you write.  But submit.  I got lost in the whole idea of finding one agent I liked the sound of.  That was some advice from literary agent Steven Malk.  I read an interview with him and in it he suggested looking for an agent that fits you.  Now, I think this sounds really marvelous.  You want to have someone selling your book that gets you.  However, if they like your book, and they want to sell it, won’t they like you?  Because what you write is who you are.  So, maybe stressing about trying to find my agent, I should worry more about being out there so that agent can find me.  How can an agent know about me if I don’t throw myself out there?  (By the way, selling myself and throwing myself out there are not two phrases I’m too good with. I am not that type of person)

So, my new goal is to start writing query letters for the three manuscripts I do have done, and just to start collecting a list of agents that do represent children’s books.  Kind of a feat unto itself, but doable.  And for once, I don’t feel this utter panic that I haven’t been submitting.

Course the downside to this is I have all these ideas for letters, but no juice to write. Sitting down and writing right now is probably going to take its tole.  Well, one does what one must.

So, onward to a bevy of letters. Hopefully.

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