And Who Were You As A Child, Sheriff of Nottingham?

Somebody has already beaten me to this post (Cassie) but I wanted to add to the discussion.

Like Cassie, I have always wondered about the back story of characters I like. What made them the way they are, how did they get to the point of being good or evil, what was their childhood like, things like that.  One that came to mind with Cassie’s post was the character of Frank in the Transporter films, played by the very gorgeous Jason Statham.  They allude to Frank’s military career in the first film, but they never elaborate.  What made Frank become a Transporter?  I want to know.

Really bad guy. Sheriff of Nottingham played by Alan Rickman (practice for playing Snape I guess.)

Now one character that I really want to know about, or write about is the Sheriff of Nottingham.  He is this totally despised character in the legend of Robin Hood.  But he is cool.  Sort of.  I’m kind of picturing Alan Rickman‘s portrayal and his true badliness.  He is the baddest of the bads.  Isn’t he? The ultimate bad boy.  And come on, just between us girls, don’t we all sort of crave a bad boy?

A truly funny version of the Sheriff

A truly funny version.

So, okay, you have this evil dude.  But what made him so nasty?  You read the wikipedia article about him (click the first mention of the Sheriff above and it will take you to wikipedia)  and there is no real clear idea of who the real sheriff was.  But there have been many portrayals of him.  Some humorous, aka Disney’s version and then the one from Robin: Men in Tights….. and others truly nasty.

Cassie’s theory was that he had a wife and she died in childbirth. Plausible, but is that what makes him desire Maid Marian? Well at least in some stories.  Depends on how adult you want the story. Disney is nice and clean, but then so is Disney’s Hercules which makes Hera out to be his mother and all lovey dovey. But I digress.

I want to write about what the Sheriff was like in his teenage years.  Did he struggle?  Was he on his own?  Did he come from money?  All kinds of questions I need to answer if I ever decide to write about him.  They have all kinds of stories about a young Robin Hood, Marian, heck, even Will Scarlet (and there’s even a version where Will Scarlet is actually a woman named Scarlet), but none about the villain.

And back to my original point. I want to hear the back stories on characters.

Anyone else like that too?

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2 thoughts on “And Who Were You As A Child, Sheriff of Nottingham?

  1. Oh my gosh! Please write the Sheriff in his teenage years. This made me think of something sort of strange. It’s like Jesus – we have his birth and then his adulthood. What was he like as a teenager. Please, please, please, consider me when you write about the Sheriff, I would love to read what you write. : )

    • Oh, I will totally consider you if or when I write about this. It’s one of those things where I’m not even sure where to start. Got any ideas? But he has been one of those characters you just wonder about. Or at least I do. And yeah, you are write, they never talk about Jesus’ teenage years. Come on, He had to have been pretty amazing.

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