I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Life has taken a crazy turn this summer, so writing has not been my luxury, nor have I been horribly motivated to work on the necessary things in writing that make you a published author.  In just over a week it will have been a year since I sent off my first query letter.


And here I am twiddling my thumbs, so to speak, with a book that needs some editing before being sent off.  I’ve had a couple people asking me if I’ve been writing and honestly, not much.  When I do have moments of free time, writing is not the thing I’ve turned to.  Part of me feels guilty, and another part of me say, when I relax for those maybe two hours broken up through the day, I need to actually relax. Writing does not relax me.  Never has unless I’m playing at some bit of flash fiction for one of my ‘someday’ novels.

Writing is work, and when I’ve been working all day with farming and such, more work is not something I want.  But should I?  Should I just knuckle down and write?  I don’t know.  I’m not always feeling guilty, but I think that’s when I’m reading and actually relaxing.  This is not one of those mornings. I had deadlines in my head I wanted to make.  Those passed months ago.

I was reading Albert Berg’s Unsanity Files about a week and a half ago.  I can’t even be sure of the time because I have about 700+ blog emails I have not read this summer, filling my inbox. Anyways, back to Albert.  He wrote a post on slowing it down and not rushing. Here it is here. 

Anyways,  while I get slowing down, being a turtle is ridiculous as well.  So, conclusion?  I have no idea.  I’m not writing much of the things I need to write. I am fiddling with some poetry and writing letters, but that is about it.

What say you, all my readers?

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One thought on “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

  1. Dear Kate,
    Just enjoy where you are now.Accept yourself as you are right now. Do what’s calling you for fun. Make a list of 3 things that actually must be done. Decide a big way to reward yourself for doing each one. Go for it. Good luck.

    Have fun. Never Give Up.
    Joan Y. Edwards

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