Is Not Wanting To Write Considered Writer’s Block?

Is it really writer’s block if you just don’t feel like writing? I’m not talking zero desire, but more, just no pizazz to write.

For me, that’s my current state. Walter is very ill right now, and with me and Mrs. Day being the ones to run the family business which is farming, there isn’t much free time. And what little free time I have, I want to read. Or watch Dancing With the Stars or Castle.

Is it wrong of me to want to take a break from all writing? Albert Berg, of Unsanity Files fame, took a hiatus from writing. We all thought we might not see him again, and yet here he is back at it with his Sons of the Damned. Which, by the way, I keep meaning to read. Sorry Albert, I just haven’t had time. I really want to find out about what happened to the whole story after that first line.

Any ways, Albert took a break and did any one fault him for it? I certainly didn’t. So, I’m sort of taking a break. Possibly from this particular blog. I’m not going to stop writing here, but I may not have much to post about.

I do have the desire to get my story out. It’s been a year since I sent out my first query letter. A Year! I want to get my book published for my father. I’ve had reasons through the years of why I want to publish. From proving to my grandparents that I actually have something in me, to my cousins who think I’m a failure. Family is a pain, by the way. I’ve had all these things to prove, even to myself, but since seeing Walter fading away from this life, or at least right now, having something published that he can see is one of the best reasons. He has been one who surprisingly has kept up at me asking if I’m going to get my book out. I forget sometimes how much my parents care about my well being. I take them for granted, and you should never do that. I should never take my parent’s care and love for granted.

So, if I might not be writing, the least I can do is edit my story and get the damn thing out to an agent.

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One thought on “Is Not Wanting To Write Considered Writer’s Block?

  1. I fully understand what you are saying. I work two jobs and when I get home nine or ten at night, the last thing I want to do is some writing, even if it’s only on my blog.

    I’ve said that I have yet to build up consistency, but I could say that I’m taking a break, that actually does sound better. šŸ™‚

    I’m hoping that in the winter, when it’s less busy that I can take time to write several posts and delegate when they should be posted so there is some activity during my down times. I tried to do some of that last year, but at the time I didn’t know that I could tell word press when to publish each post.

    I have about six posts waiting in the wings to complete. I know if I would take the time to view them that I would be inspired to continue to write until they are complete, it’s the action of going to the posts that I get stuck at.

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