The Changing of Characters

Lately, in my free time (please people, start laughing) I’ve been reworking old novels I started years ago. Not so much as the plot, because, hey, you have to actually have one to work on it. (Repeat laughing)  Anyways, I have been reworking characters.  Specifically my heroines.

Best Friends [via weheartit]

I have three novels I’ve started in the past 12 years.  All of them have one thing in common. Their heroine is blonde, blue-eyed, and insecure, like me. They really have everything the exact same except jobs, though you could relate all of those as well.

Regina Black – romance writer

Rena Bliss – works on her family’s farm and writes on the side

Mia Brooks – owns a bookstore

And just writing that out, clearly I have a penchant for last names that start with a ‘B’.  Le sigh, as Mrs. Austen puts it. (By the way, J, I have incorporated that into my every day thought pattern. I love it.)  All three heroines come from the same town, are best friends, and they all work with books at some point. Yep, sounds like me.

But how do you make a character completely different than yourself? I can’t write like a democrat since I am a stanch republican.  I can’t write like a brunette since, um, clearly I am blonde.  Heck, I can’t even write from a more tomboy girl since I am pretty highly girly.

So, how does a writer delve into really different characters if they are nothing like that? Does anyone know?

I’ve finally printed off ‘The Ultimate Character Sheet’ by Fire Eyes in the Dark and I am going to attempt to fill it in for a couple of my gals.  But seriously, I feel like I’m just making a better version of myself. I’m taking out some of my flaws and putting in things I wish I was like.  Or keeping some of the same flaws and making them better…. If you can call being cluttered better.  I’m lost.

On a side note, I have another post I’m going to work on that deals with the lost feeling. I’m on a roll and want to tap out some posts before the week gets totally swamped.

So, does anyone else have ideas for making your main characters completely different than yourself? I’d love some input.

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One thought on “The Changing of Characters

  1. What’s wrong with having a character like you? Place a character the opposite or a villain to oppose this sweet character and watch the sparks fly and the readers come from everywhere.

    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

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