Why Write Just One Thing

I have two areas of writing that I mostly focus on; children’s stories and romance.  Those are two areas I plan on having a career.  I’m not exactly sure if the romance thing will ever go, but I still dabble in it.

However, I don’t stay just with those areas in writing. Writing is an adventure, it’s like cooking, you don’t stick with making just chocolate cake.  Sure, it’s good, but I like many other things and I don’t want to get bored.  So, I dabble.  I’ve tried my hand at play-writing, though I’ve never actually completed a script.  I’ve  tried writing a murder mystery, though I think I need help with that.  (I’d like to actually take a course on mystery writing) I have several fantasy and sci-fi ideas floating around or semi plotted out.  I’ve even written my fair share of adult fiction. (by adult, I do mean erotic fiction)  I dabble in poetry on a regular basis; various forms of poetry.

I try it all.  Variety is the spice of life, so they say, and writing has so many opportunities to try out.  I don’t want to just stagnant by staying in only one or two genres. I want to try it all.  Not because I need a new project, but because I learn by trying new things. I learn what I can and cannot do.  There are quite a few things I know I won’t be able to ever write.  A great American novel?  No!  I won’t ever attempt that.  I don’t care if my work is something that is considered a ‘classic.’  I’m not even sure I could ever do a non fiction type book.  Though, yes, I have contemplated that from time to time.

Is this a bit ADD?  Maybe.  I’ve been accused of darting from project to project and I will fully admit that I do do that.  I do attempt to finish all my projects, though right at the moment, only children’s stories and poetry.  I’ve yet to finish any romance.  Oh, pardon, I’ve finished several adult things…..  Again though, trying out new things is good for expanding horizons.

You learn as you write.  You learn as you try new things.  So why would anyone want to stay eating chocolate cake.  Okay, maybe a bad example because it is chocolate.  Why would you want to eat chocolate cake all the time.  There, that’s more like it.

Well, I want to dabble in as many things as I can. I’d love to take some courses on different writing styles.  Isabella Louis Anderson has taken lots of courses on writing styles, and I really should take a peek at what some of the different ones have to offer.  There is so much out there I can’t see myself as sticking with one genre all the time.

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One thought on “Why Write Just One Thing

  1. I think it’s normal to test out genres. How else will you know if it clicks for you or not?

    I had thought you were part of a writing group called the Inkwell, but have since learned that you aren’t. They’re a nice group of young (except for me) writers who give each other critiques and support. You may hit it off with them. Let me know if you’d like their address.

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