I have been neglecting this blog.  There are times I wonder if I should merge it with Kate’s Bookshelf, but then I think, well, I might want the separation some day.  My writing has been virtually non existent as of late.  I have ideas floating around in my head, pages to be typed up, but nothing comes out when I sit down with a pen in my hand or my fingers at the keyboard.  I thought I should take out my Royal, but I haven’t even done that.

The spring weather is perfect for writing. Especially when the rain comes down in torrents and the wind blows.  Misty and expressive.  That’s what it’s like living in the mountains.  The rain is never dull and just rain. It always comes up and blows around and makes you think of endless cups of coffee or tea, a warm fire, books to read, and yes, pages to write.

So why am I having such a mental block?  I honestly can’t think why.  I haven’t even been able to write in my journal much, even though I have the desire to.  It’s all somewhat depressing.

Well, for now, if you are interested, I have been posting a bit more regularly on Kate’s Bookshelf and you are welcome to check it out.

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3 thoughts on “Neglect

  1. I’ve been going through that myself and have found that forcing myself to write is the only thing that works. Hurts at first, but after a while I find a flow. Good luck and hope the feeling goes away soon.

    • Thank you for that suggestion. Sometimes the pushing is the hardest part. The making yourself just do it. Kind of like running, or exercising. You don’t want to, but once you do start it does get better.
      And thank you for your comment on one of my other posts a while ago. I meant to reply back. It was regarding the other group of writers you thought I was a member of.

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