Wreaking Vengeance Through My Writing

I’m sure other writers have said this before, and come to think of it, I think I’ve read it before, but I like to exact my vengeance with real people by using them in my writing.  I take someone I know in real life and create a bad character that my hero or heroine can defeat.  Because, of course, in real life I can’t defeat or even ever say what I want to, to these people.

Take for instance Lane* (name has been changed to protect real people).  Lane is this guy who lives in my town who, well, he was a very cool guy.  Valedictorian, football quarterback, wore glasses, looked gorgeous.  He ignored me like the plague and even went so much as to run away from me one day, run into his garage and close the door quickly because I was walking down the street.

No, I was not stalking him, I would just wave as I passed or say ‘Hi’. Nothing to be afraid of.  But, he was seriously afraid of me and spurned any of my interest.  So of course he had to be made into a villain.  He is this jerk now in one of my novels.  He will get what’s coming to him.

Then there is Boris.  Who is Boris?  Well, I’m using that name because he reminds me in some ways of Boris from Royal Pains.  Boris (the real person I’m talking about not the character) is charming, sweet, wealthy, takes trips to see the Grand Prix… In Monaco, mind you.  I adore Boris.  But, we will never be a couple, despite how much I would like to be one.  We are just too different.  On the flip side, and gah, I hope he doesn’t read this blog,  he is just a bit too confident, insensitive, demanding, and controlling.   He likes his way.  He likes to be in control, and yes, when I say confident, I mean he’s actually a bit arrogant.  All qualities I do not like.  Yeah, Boris is the right term.  You love and hate them at the same time.

Well, I want to write something where this strong gal finally takes a chance in her life and travels all the places this guy like Boris goes.  And when she finally meets him in one of these exotic places and he chases her, she turns him down.  She resists his charms.  See, if Boris were to actually chase me and pursue me, I would not have the defenses to turn him down.  I’m too infatuated with him.  And he’s way too charming for his own good.

Oh, but to exact my own story and write my own story where all these people end up doing what I want.  I have more people I could add.  I have old girl friends and boys I grew up with.  I have people I have met that I want to just dig a hole for them…. Hmm, I need to write a murder mystery then…..

Anyways, I’m sure other writers do this.  I’m not sure how kosher it is to use people as models when at the beginning of each book it states that no persons related or whatever exist that match the characters in the book.  Ha!  I wonder how true that really is.  You have to come up with your villain somehow.

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2 thoughts on “Wreaking Vengeance Through My Writing

  1. Dear Kate,
    Ahhh! She might think she can resist him. Who does he think he is anyway…flaunting his traveling savvy all over the world.

    Have fun writing your story.

    Celebrate you
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

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