And The Lightbulb Came On And My Characters Need Jobs And A Life!

Light bulb moment

I’m not sure why it was just last night, but it finally dawned on me that one of my characters, Rena Bliss, actually needs a life, not just a love story.  She needs to be working at her life while I plot out her love story.  For those of you who don’t know who Rena is, you can check out a couple of flash fictions I’ve talked about her in.

Those are the three I could find, but it gives you some idea of who Rena Bliss is.

I have been writing her story for 13 years.  Thirteen years!  And through all that time, her life has changed some from what it was originally, but she still doesn’t have a life.  I’ve only been plotting her love life.  Debating all this time on whether she should end up with guy 1 or guy 2.  Not giving her an actual life.

What kind of writer am I to do that to a character I love?  I’m cruel.  What girl sits around pining for a love life?  Okay, I should probably say that differently because I do pine a bit for a love life.  But that is beside the point.  Most people, even me, go on living their day to day life, working, having hobbies, down time, friend time, family time.  They have a LIFE!

Rena has no life.  Zip.  And it’s quite depressing.  She’s actually quite one dimensional and boring.  I’ve got to give her some spunk and get her out of the funk I’ve put her in.  Yes, I meant to rhyme there.

She’s got to have a fascinating life because, honestly, only fascinating women get guys that are fascinated with them.  If you are boring, what guy is really going to be that interested in you?

So, this post is relatively random in the scope of things and not horribly thought out.  More of a minor rant to myself.  But I’m posting on it.

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