And I Need Visual ‘Collages’ For Writing

The Bookends Love TriangleI need visual when I write. Hence why I keep my Martha Stewart Living magazines and why I love to find my ‘character’ pictures.  I love a visual of what I want my houses to look like and what clothes my characters wear.  Honestly, I think it’s just a reason to keep pictures that I like looking at.

I have kept all my Garnet Hill catalogs since my one character, Mia, is modeled after one of their models and the clothes she wears.  I should scan my catalogs, but tactile and by hand is much more enjoyable.

Recently, I was playing around with a marvelous picture editing site, PicMonkey.  I love PicMonkey.  I think Shala over at Caterpickles  had originally introduced me to this wonderful place.  I have been able to overlay an image for my own pictures.  Anyways, PicMonkey has added a ‘collage’ section to the picture editing, and I am in love.  I have always wanted to combine groups of pictures in an easier format to keep ideas together.  Now I have that tool.

The main image of this post, at the top, if you missed it… because, it’s like, um, so small……Was made using the collage tool.  I was actually playing around and I just sort of came up with something, but in the process I have found my three main characters for my Bookends storyline.  You have my heroine, Mia.  My hero, Rafe.  And my new character model for Mia’s boyfriend at the start of the novel, Philip (Phil).

I lucked out and found a perfect house on Tumblr, that I want for Phil’s house, and that is now named.  I have my character models.  I have my visual models.  Sigh.  I can’t get enough of looking at it.  It doesn’t hurt that my hero is Colin O’Donoghue.  Or that I have decided that the very handsome, mustached Martin Freeman from Sherlock, is my model for Phil. (side note, could you get sexier models?) (Don’t answer that because I want to live in my dream world of sexy men)

Well, I this post is mostly to share the wonderfulness of being able to make a collage to use for writing.  I suggest it for writers who need that visual.  I certainly do.

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