Learning From Male Writers

I think we women writers can learn a lot from male writers out there.  The reason I say that is right now I am reading a romance book, Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich, a serious fluff book, and by fluff, I mean sex, because hey, we all enjoy a bit of that.  I’m not ashamed, I’ll admit it.  That is why women read romance novels……..  Moving on.  The other reason I say ‘fluff’ book is because of the style of writing.  Ever little detail is thrown in.  From how a character looks, to how they act.  There is actually a point at which I’m thinking there is too much information.

TMI! TMI!  Welcome to how women write.  We put it all in.  Every little detail.  We are insane.  Okay, I’ll fully admit that I am one of those insane writers.  Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I like it.  I like the extra details, but at times even I think it’s too much.

Guys on the other hand, well, have a lack of certain information in their writing.  And it is less cluttered.  Devoid of all the unnecessary things that can clutter up writing.

Usually I don’t think about clutter-free writing, but occasionally I think, yeah, there was too much there that I’m actually worn out reading it.  The more clutter and added information makes me want to skip through the pages and get to the good stuff.  I don’t want to know every thought going through the heads of people.  Sure, some thoughts are good, but not every little thing.  It just wears me out.  I sometimes think that’s why I scan through most romance novels now.  They have to be really good, and I mean, really good, to get my attention.

Male writers are becoming more and more popular again, I think, when it comes to young adult novels, and other things geared more towards women.  It used to be there were only men writers, but now  there is a nice mix, and while I naturally turn to women writers, I am finding I like the guys out there as well.  Depending of course.

I’m starting to really not want cluttered writing.  And that is pretty much what I am getting at.  It’s just something for me to think about.  Clearing out the descriptions and every little thought.  Oh, and shorter sentences.  I live for long sentences…  not always the easiest thing to read.  And most guys write shorter sentences.

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3 thoughts on “Learning From Male Writers

  1. I love Evanovich! and will admit to skipping many parts in more romancey novels. All right! I admit I sometimes look for the sex scenes. I’m allowed. Yes, too much description can become tedious. I once put up a link to a site that determines what gender the author is and I was shocked to find out that I had a masculine style. I don’t know how they came up with that, but my writing tends to be spare so that might be why. Even though I am definitely a female writer.

    • Don’t we all skip those slow parts for the sex scenes? I do. I would love to see the site that determines what gender the author is. It sounds like a lot of fun to look at. I am trying to write more sparse, via Stephen King’s suggestions, like knocking out all the adverbs, but I find it very hard to do. That is interesting that you would get a determination like that. But I think that’s part of the writing process. To grow and try new things, and new styles. Then you really become you, whether you sound like a guy or a girl, just so long as the story is good, I’m not sure it matters. Because, yes, I have read some really good full of fluff novels (romances) and really really enjoyed them. Like you, I am allowed. And Evanovich’s book was a lot of fun, despite.

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