I Write Like……

I said in my last post, The Elements of My Style, that I would be writing on my actual writing style, because once you get all the grammar down, we all have a distinct style, though apparently not as distinct as I thought if you will continue reading.  Sorry, it’s a bit long winded.

A while ago I wrote a post talking about how we female writers can learn from our male counterparts in the post, Learning From Male WritersGeorgefloreswrite and I got into a mini discussion on our writing styles and she directed me to this amazing site that analyzes your writing and tells you what famous writer you write like.  This site is incredibly cool called simply I Write Like

I decided to take a test run through much of my flash fiction and see what style it’s like.  Below are all the posts that I thought I would add in, which is most of them.  I’m sorry, I got carried away last night and kept adding and adding.  I have analyzed some of my other writings and they come out a bit more male as well. Go figure because I’m a girly as can be…

My style, apparently is that of male writers.  I was actually kind of shocked and flattered in many aspects.  First off, I will say this, most of these writers I’ve never read.  I have the Stephenie Meyer Twilight books, sue me, but as far as that, I really have not read most of these authors that my style is like.

I’d say I’m most flattered by how many of my Flash fiction posts were written in the Stephen King style.   I have never finished On Writing by him, but one thing I took to heart from his direction was to cut out the adverbs and simplify.  I have done that.  I was so mad at Mr. King when I read that because, I LOVE adverbs.  I would use them all day long, especially when dialogue is going on.  I hate the ‘he said/she said’ bull—-  (sorry, I’ll keep it clean but y’all know what I mean) I like  pizazz when I write and adverbs add that extra layer. 

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

However, in the past few years I’ve learned that it’s okay to cut out the adverbs, and extra descriptions.  I don’t need to describe everything exactly as it is in my head.  My readers will make their own pictures.  I don’t need every little detail.

That being said, I still try to emulate Emilie Loring, whom I’ve gone on and on about at regular intervals.  Right now I’m reading her books and trying to pick up bits of descriptions from her style.  Whether or not I’ll ever be able to copy her work is another thing. I  suppose the best thing is to take all these authors, whom I aparently write like, and mash it all together…. Though after just trying out a Chuck Palahniuk book today, I’m not sure I want to write like him.

I’m also really flattered that one of my posts was similar to Neil Gaiman.  While I’ve only read a couple of his books, he is brilliant. I can’t explain why, but that man has SERIOUS talent.

Clearly I need to check out some of these other authors and see what their style really is like.

So, what about you, dear readers?  Who do you write like?  Someone you admire?  Someone you hate?  What is your style?  Click the I Write Like link at the top of the page and have some fun with your writing.  You never know what you might learn about yourself.


The Long Winded Examples of My Writing Below

Ernest Hemingway

Stephen King

H.P. Lovecraft

Stephenie Meyer

Chuck Palahniuk

Neil Gaiman

Cory Doctorow

Raymond Chandler

Anne Rice

James Joyce

Dan Brown

Robert Louis Stevenson

William Gibson

Douglas Adams

J.D. Salinger

Writing on



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