I’ve Done It! And What is That? Read This Post!

I have finally done it. I have submitted a manuscript and query letter to an agency. Finally. It has been two years since my last submission and it was high time I got something of mine out there.

For those interested, the manuscript is for Lulu Buys a Hat. I have written about this story before, including asking my readers to help me edit my query letter. I want to thank Meghan Masterson who took the time to give me great query letter edits, and thanks go to Shala, who took the time to edit Lulu Buys a Hat, and help me make it all ‘pretty’ (by pretty I mean, trimmed, cut, punctuated, and looking better than it did)

I’ve spent the past three days working to get my manuscript into standard manuscript format, which I might add, is a pain in the —-. No, really, I never knew how much of a hassle it would be to format headers, page tabs, and other such niceties that are required of manuscripts. I did this on five pages. I can’t imagine doing it for a novel. Well, it was good practice.

And just for those wondering, here are two great sites I used for figuring out manuscript formatting.

I submitted to Adams Literary agency, having picked them ages ago as they were one of the agencies I liked. I have a couple more I want to try, but it’s a start. A new year, and finally putting myself out there. I’ve been putting off querying for too long, and it has bothered me that I am afraid. Come on, we all know that is why we don’t query. We are afraid.

Well, it’s time to push fear out the window. Like I have read a quote regarding the deathtumblr_mgnm1cBHIu1r7zr74o1_250: see the image —->

Well, just replace ‘Death’ with fear and the same principle applies. I have to stop hiding from fear. I can do this.

So, one agency queried….. Too many to go.

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One thought on “I’ve Done It! And What is That? Read This Post!

  1. Good for you, Katie!! Don’t stop with them if they turn you down: it’s a great story (from what I remember, a few years ago, haha!) and you’re a fabulous writer!

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