Support for a Writer

I had a completely other post ready to start tapping away with itself, since most posts tend to go the way they want versus how I actually have them planned in my head.  And this will probably be no different.

This past week, or maybe a bit longer, I’ve been struggling with the plot of my novel.  It’s my newest novel that I’ve been working diligently on for several months.  It’s still in the baby stages and far from even figured out or planned properly.  But it has been my baby and my main focus for some time.

However, I just have gotten stuck.  Not stuck so much as what I want to happen, but getting it out.  I can’t get the phrasing right, or it just sounds flat. I struggle with when something happens and how to get from point C to D.  I blame part of it on reading Emilie Loring and Nora Roberts books. I admire both of those writers to the hilt, wanting to be able to have the genius prose of Loring’s descriptions mixed with Robert’s delightful flow and conversations.

However, I am not Emilie Loring or Nora Roberts.  Far from it. I am a flat writer. I know I just don’t have it.

This is the part of writing I hate. That self doubt.  The “I suck the suckiest of all and I will never get out of the mire of bad writing” feeling.  Clearly I was at a low point.

So I vented to a marvelous man whom I will introduce now because while I have never mentioned him before, he is a big part of my life and he really should be added to The Cast.  Because honestly, he is a part of my cast.

Boris, aka Campbell Scott

Boris, aka Campbell Scott

Meet Boris. No, that is not his real name and no, he does not look like Campbell Scott playing Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz On Royal Pains.  But he is quite wealthy, works in a business I’m still pretty vague about, is a lot like Boris in that he, um, likes to have his way….  Darling man, since I know you will be reading this, don’t take offense.   Anyways, Boris and I have an epistolary friendship/or whatever it is we have had for ages now, because it’s more than just friends, though we have never met.

So, anyways, back to the story.  I was bummed about my writing, so I dumped on Boris.  And Boris being like he is, charmer that is, was so sweet to reply with this response today.

“Continue with your writing. Please, I know how much happiness that brings you, so never let that lax.”

Now, that isn’t much in the scope of encouraging words, but coming from this man, it is huge. He has been supporting my ‘writing thing’ since I told him about it when we first met.  He has nudged me along when I have written something, and if I don’t tell him something big…. Whew! Watch out, I am going to be in trouble.  He likes to know when I’ve been turned down for query letters. He likes knowing when I’ve won a writing contest. (and when I didn’t tell him or thought it no big deal, I got an earful)  He has been so incredibly supportive in his own quiet way. In a way that is much more helpful than past boyfriends who shoved more than nudged and practically told me what I should write, not commend me on what I did write.

All this is getting to the point that as writers, it’s incredibly helpful to have a support system.  Someone or several someone’s who encourage and help us move along with our moments of self doubt. Boris is one of a couple other people that encourage. I have a friend recently who gave me props for sending out a query. (side note, query rejected via not hearing back. Le sigh)

So, as a writer, do you have a support system?

A special thank you goes out to Boris for being the sweetheart that he is.  You always know how to pick me up when I’m down.

Oh, and while he replied just today, I had gotten out of my writer’s funk a few days ago; sun is an amazing perker upper.  I’ve got an idea of how to fix what seemed horrible. But that aside, I’m still thankful for Boris.

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2 thoughts on “Support for a Writer

  1. I agree – writers do need a support system. I belong to a small writer’s group, and the members are encouraging and supportive. Once, when I was in a bad slump, I paid for a writing coach to help with motivation and inspiration. Frankly, I could have done it by myself. I read Writing down the Bones and used it for the journal exercises.
    I understand where you’re coming from. Several of my works have failed because I’ve stalled in one way or another.
    I hope you keep trying. Don’t give up. Keep us posted about your progress.

    • It’s amazing how just having a friend in arms when it comes to writing can make all the difference. I wish I had a few people that were closer to me so we could get coffee and bounce ideas off each other. Sometimes I feel like I’m in such a slump.
      I am looking up the book you mentioned. Sounds amazing.
      And thank you for the support! The same goes back to you. And yes, I will keep you all posted on what happens. 🙂

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