To Marry A Writer?

There was a time, even quite recently, I thought I would love to marry a writer.  They are scholarly and deep thinkers.

Then my brain actually started thinking.  Am I nuts?  I am a writer, why would I want to marry a writer?  I’m crazy enough without adding to the mix.  Can you imagine how cluttered and unorganized a house must be with two dreamers in the mix?  I can, and I shudder to think about it.

I’m cluttered and unorganized enough for more than one.  I have this insane filing system that does not work, yet I still can’t figure out a better one.  Keeping notes is more of a matter of any loose scrap of paper that happens to be lying about.  It just really can be scary at times.

And dreamers/writers are easily distracted.  Trust me.  I know that I have a form of ADD.  There can’t be anything else to explain it.

However, knowing all of this, there is a magical quality to a writer…….

Dreamy writer

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Voyage – Or The Idea Of One




Oh to be young and youthful. I love her tights and her need to look out in the world.”



This picture comes from the wonderful blog, A Minute For Minute.  This guy reblogs some of the most amazing pictures.  This one in particular makes me want to write about this young girl on an adventure.  Maybe she just got out of private school and she’s off for the summer.  Or maybe she’s about to land in a new country for the first semester at an exclusive private school.  See, the opportunities are endless.  And just fun.


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