The Cast

New HatK.L.B

That would be me, the writer.  Blonde and dreamy would be a good way to describe me.  I think the word ‘writer’ is a good title for me, because most normal people do not actively write down random thoughts.



My father.  Though he might not be quite as grumpy as Walter is, he’s close.  Dumbass, or D.A. as we occasionally shorten it to, is one of his favorite words.  While he might be a bit crusty, he’s the voice of reason in an almost all female household.


Mrs. Day

Chief cheerleader, promoter, and all around sounding board, my mom has really been the one to help me keep pushing with my writing, even though she never gets to read much of it.  Because she schooled me, she knows how I think and when those crazy sentences make no sense, she’s there to correct them.




Wealthy, fascinating, older playboy, Boris is my… well, I’m not sure how to describe him other than to say he is a very important person in my life. Quite matter of fact and determined to have his way, he carries a XS-214 double barrel ray gun and I think he might be a golf playing super spy.

Delightful, confounding, a pain in the rear end half the time, he is an addiction I can’t live without. And he means the world to me.



My editor, George. No, his name really isn’t George, though he does look like Alan Rickman  in a lot of ways. I love that name, and George seems like the perfect name for an editor.  He has been amazing in helping me to improve my work, plus he prods me to keep going just by being his charming self.  It also helps that he writes as well. I can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without him.


Mrs. Austen

Girl friends since we were two shy, blonde, five-year olds in Sunday school.  She is the voice of calm and all around idea bouncer.  I bounce thoughts and ideas off of her while she tries to be supermom to her brood of three.  Psst, I think she just needs a break from them and I’m still single  and have a very interesting dating life, or lack of one.



8 thoughts on “The Cast

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  3. Not about writing (although I have written and published) but interested in the image of the owl. Is it a stock photo or yours? I would love to use it and need a Hig res image of it. It is to be used in half a title page of a 150 ex. A4 brochure.
    IJan G.M. van der Burgf I only know how to get it I would be very pleases. Thanks in advance.

    • I’m afraid the picture of the owl is not mine. I found it one day searching Bing, and honestly I can’t remember where I found it. Usually I add in the link location, but this time I didn’t. Sorry I can’t be of help. I think I just Binged ‘night owl’ or something along those lines.

      Hope that helps. Sorry that I don’t have the original. ~K.L.B.

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