The Library

Okay, the title may be misleading, but I am a fan of libraries so bear with me.  This is just to post books that help  me write.  Things that have inspired, or are just reference I would recommend to anyone.

                                                                                                                                     Poemcrazy:  freeing your life with words by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge  [this books is what started me on free form poetry. It’s  also what started me in collecting words.  For a  poetry,  I would highly recommend this.]


World Book Encyclopedia  [okay, mine are from 1962, so they are lacking in some information, but I still love them.]


Writing Romance by Vanessa Grant [I don’t actually own this, but I borrow it frequently from my public library]

400000000000000052869_s4 The Ode Less Traveled: Unlocking the Poet Within  by Stephen Fry  This book has helped me break down poetry, though at times I still don’t know if I get it all.  I can understand Iambic pentameter better now, but don’t ask me what a trochee is.




Roget’s The New Thesaurus   It’s a thesaurus. Basically, I can’t live without one, or several as I also have a pocket Websters Thesaurus, my WordWeb and I’m always looking up synonyms online.  I had a marvelous thesaurus with my older version of Microsoft word, but when I got the new laptop, that disappeared.




Elements of Style


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